T40FIT Pro 12 Week Online Program

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Enter Your details to get INSTANT ACCESS to my T40FIT RAPID FAT LOSS SYSTEM ONLINE and start losing weight, getting healthy and feeling great about yourself!

This is the EXACT same system that I have perfected over 20 years with hundreds of clients to lose thousands of pounds!

Full T40FIT Rapid Fat Loss System. Hours of video teaching content that goes over everything I have learned in my 20 years of helping people lose weight, get fit, and get healthy!

Diet. I go into detail, with examples of how I put together diets for my clients for rapid weight loss results!

12 Week Workout Program. I give a 12 week exercise program that you can follow to get fit, toned, and healthy! 3 different program depending on what kind of equipment you have access to!

Workout Education Module. I teach you the ins and outs of working out for weight loss, fitness, and health so that you too can become a workout master!

Mental Mindset Module. Most people agree that weight loss happens in the brain. Learn the tips, tricks, and hacks that I have learned to keep you motivated and keep you on track! This module itself is worth many times the cost of this course!

Weight Loss Mastery Module. I go everything I know about weight loss, what has worked, what doesn't and what my recommendations are. I go over all the myths and conflicting information out there...providing you with clarity and a direct proven system for results!

Smarphone App. Follow your workouts, listen to the videos and teachings, basically the whole program is on an easy to follow app! Take it anywhwere with you!

Diet Tracking. Enter your diet daily into the app to help keep yourself accountable! It is proven that by simply logging what you eat greatly increases your chances of sticking to the plan...thus insuring you get the results you are looking for!

Workout Tracking. Keep track of all of your sets, reps, and weights as you follow the workouts in your app. Progression is key to losing weight and getting toned and keeping track is the way you keep progressing!

Weight Tracking. Daily and weekly imputs for your weight will ensure accountability and keep you motivated to stick with the plan! Both of these combined together greatly incease your chances of success!

Progress Photo Upload. Upload your progress photos directly from your smartphone into your app! Being able to compare your progress on your journey is highly motivating and essential since the scale does not tell the whole story!

Private Facebook Group. Get access to me and like minded people to ask questions, get answers, and get motivated!

Blaine Podaima, CSCS

20 Year Weight Loss Expert



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